Paul Coletti Viola
Colburn Audition Repertoire
Prescreening Repertoire

The first step of the audition process is for you, the applicant, to upload a prescreening video by the December 1st application deadline. The prescreening recording must contain the following 4 repertoire selections:

1. Any Bach Cello Suite prelude, or any movement from Bach's Violin Sonatas and Partitas

2. One of the following:

A. Hindemith - any movement from a solo sonata B. Pendercki Cadenza for Solo Viola C. Any Paganini Caprice D. Bach/Kodaly Chromatic Fantasy E. A work that is comparable to those listed A-D.

3. Stamitz Concerto - 1st movement (with cadenza) or 3rd movement; or Hoffmeister Concerto 1st movement (with cadenza) or 3rd movement 4. One piece of your choice. You can play either one movement or the entire work.

Selections 1, 2 and 3 must be performed by memory. Selection 3 must be performed with piano. Please upload each work as an individual track.

Audition Repertoire

If you are invited to audition, you must prepare a work from each category listed below. No substitutions. These works have been chosen in conjunction with our collaborative piano faculty. Piano accompaniment is required. A list of pianists will be provided.

Category 1

Bartok, Concerto (1st or 3rd movement) Hindemith, Der Schwanendreher (1st or last movement) Paganini, La Campanella Paganini, Sonata per la Grand Viola Walton, Concerto (1st or 2nd movement)

Category 2

Bloch Suite Hebraique (1st movement) Brahms, Sonata in Eb (1st movement) Brahms, Sonata in F minor (1st movement) Bridge, Allegro Appassionato Clarke, Sonata (1st or 2nd movement) Hindemith, Op. 11/4 (last movement) Rochberg Sonata (1st movement) Schubert Arpeggione Sonata (1st movement) Schumann, Marchenbilder (3rd movement) Shostakovich, Sonata (2nd movement) Vieuxtemps Sonata, 1st movement (without the introduction)

Category 3 One piece of your choice from selections 1, 2 or 3 from the prescreening list. You may perform the same work you submitted for your prescreening video.